Grand Cayman is known for having stunning beaches, including the widely-known Seven Mile Beach, with its powdery, white sand.

Stretching down the western side of Grand Cayman, Seven Mile Beach is a “must-see” for anyone traveling to the Cayman Islands. Casa Caribe is not only located on Seven Mile, but is also home to some of the best oceanfront views on the entire beach!

Take an uninterrupted stroll down this world-class beach and you’ll immediately be immersed in the beauty of Caribbean life. Although the name can be a little misleading (the beach is actually 6.3 miles), you’ll get plenty of sun as you wander past sailboats, resorts and some of the most remarkable restaurants in Cayman.

Seven Mile Beach really is second to none, especially here at Casa Caribe where you will find shade from our casuarinas trees and our spread out beach umbrellas. We have the second most beach space per condo on all of Seven Mile, so you will always have plenty of space. John takes great care of the beach every day keeping everything raked, powdery, and wonderful. Sometimes it looks so beautiful you don’t even want to mess it up by walking on it – but as John says, “Just keep your eyes forward looking at the awesome colors of the water, don’t look down! You will lose yourself in the gorgeousness of the water and feel so relaxed with the sand between your toes that time will slow down.” Thanks John, you do a great job!