Cayman offers a large selection of supermarkets, Island wide that stock a host of both local and international goods. All of the larger supermarkets listed have a hot and cold buffet daily.


Location: Cayman’s largest chain of supermarkets boasts 5 stores Island wide, as set out below:

  • West Bay – Republix Plaza
  • Camana Bay – Seven Mile Beach | Flagship store, with a wide selection of specialty & organic products and a full-service deli and café (Bay Market Café).
  • George Town – Airport Centre
  • Savannah – Countryside Shopping Centre
  • East End – (opposite Morritt’s Resorts)

Hours of business: All stores open Mon-Sat, 7am-11pm, with the exception of the East End store, which is also the smallest of all the stores. They open Mon-Thu, 7am-7pm, and Fri-Sat, 7am-9pm. Foster’s stores are all similar in design and layout and can be compared to any large international supermarket, offering a large selection of produce, including local, international and organic produce. They are also known for stocking a large selection of Waitrose products from the UK. Most of the Fosters stores have a Western Union desk inside, where you can send and receive money from overseas. The Foster’s Pharmacy is also available at the Airport and Camana Bay locations, offering prescriptions, over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements.


Location: Grand Harbor, Red Bay. Hours:Mon-Sat, 7am-11pm

With a motto “Get Fresh with Us” Hurley’s is well known for its large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Their hot food buffet and cold deli services are extremely popular with customers. Hurleys also provides a large selection of International goods.


Location: George Town, at the end of Eastern Avenue just before the road meets Seven Mile Beach.

Hours: Mon-Thurs, 7am-10pm and Fri-Sat, 7am-11pm

Kirk Market offers a large selection of local and international foods as well as a wide variety of gluten free, organic and vegan foods. They are known for selling a larger selection of hormone free meats than other supermarkets on Island. Shop on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and get rewarded with CI$2.50 in “Kirk’s Currency” for every CI$50.00 you spend, which can be used in-store pay for goods.


There are three locations that sell a variety of goods from our local farmers and other local produce:

Camana BayThis Market is open on Wednesday afternoons from 12noon-7pm, where approximately 20 or more vendors sell their home grown and home-made produce.

The Hamlin Stephenson Market at the Cricket GroundsThis Market is located in George Town on Huldah Ave, at the Cricket Grounds, between Midtown Plaza and the west end of Owen Roberts International Airport. This local market bosts an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, arts and crafts, pastries, juice, sauce, jarred items, and other goods from Cayman’s farmers and craftspeople. Open daily.

Lower Valley, Agricultural Grounds: The Market at the Grounds opens every Saturday morning from 6:30am-12noon. As well as the local produce there are also a selection of locally made crafts and paintings which make unique souvenirs. The Caymanian stall vendors are always ready with a story to keep you entertained while you shop.


Although the local supermarket do offer a selection of fresh fish, if you want to buy directly from the fishermen themselves, then pop down to the waterfront in George Town where the fisherman display their catch for you to choose from and will even fillet it at your request.


For those guests who anticipate being on Island for more than a few days, you may want to check out our wholesale super savings stores.

NOTE: These stores offer a limited supply of fresh produce.


Location: Governors Square on West Bay Road Hours: Mon-Sat, 8am-9pm.


Location: Airport Centre Hours:Mon-Sat, 8am-9pm; and

Location: Republix Plaza, West Bay Hours: Mon-Sat, 7am-11pm